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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How is the QR code different from the bar code?

How is the QR code different from the bar code?

When people listen to "barcode", most people think of linear barcodes only, while QR code is also a kind of bar code.

What happens to the bar code?
Bar code is an optical and machine-readable form of data used to identify objects. The barcode can contain numbers, letters and symbols, and are displayed with different patterns, widths and sizes.To read the bar code, a machine is used which is called bar code scanner. As soon as the bar code comes in front of the machine, the machine reads all the hidden information in this code and shows it on the screen.

There are two types of bar codes
  • 1 Dimensional :- 1D Barcode is the most common type of barcode. It is a linear barcode that uses lines of different widths and positions to encode the data. It can only store data in one dimension (horizontal) For this reason, it can only hold only limited amounts of characters, as the characters increase the data or the bar code becomes as much as 1D times more than 20 types of barcode.

Most retail stores use code 1D times on their products. Bar code does not contain the price of the product. When the scanner scans a product on the checkout line, the cash register sends the UPC number to the central point of sale ("point of sale") of the store to see the UPC number. The central computer sends back the actual price of that product.

How is the QR code different from the bar code?

  • 2 dimensional :- 2D barcodes use patterns of sections, hexagons, dots and other shapes to encode the data.
QR code is a type of 2D bar code. The QR code system was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave and QR is a registered trademark by the company, but it became popular due to its ability to store more data.
How is the QR code different from the bar code?

This can change the price of the product whenever it stores in a way, for example, the value varies when a cell is engaged. If the prices were encoded in the bar code, it would be difficult to change the price of the product.

How different is the QR code from linear code?
  • Despite the QR code being physically small, it can also keep more data than the 1D code because these data can be stored in two dimensions.
  • The QR code does not encode only the information of the characters, but these codes can also contain images, website addresses, voice and other types of binary data.
  • To read QR codes, usually 2D barcode scanners are used, it can also be read with some smartphone apps. 2D barcode scanners can read from 3 feet away
  • The level of "fault tolerance" in QR code is very good, it means that even if some part of the code is damaged, then information can also be decoded from the code.

If you are in a business, then you can include QR codes in any kind of print media (business card, magazine ad, coupon, flyer, sign) that you use. Using this, your customer will not need to dial any number or go anywhere for any information. Through QR code, the customer can make a contact in a website, a specific location on a map, a video or song, a Facebook profile page, a contact in your address book or even a specific number, send a message. Can tweet too. By creating a mobile website and using QR code with it, you can leave a positive impression of your business in the consumer's mind.


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